This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to the suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all guests/visitors

Access Statement for Livertours Liverpool (LTL)

Livertours Liverpool offers a range of guided walking / coach tours/ to visitors to the travel trade.

All the tours shown on the website have been selected and verified to ensure that every ‘attraction’, restaurant or any other location that LTL have included is fully accessible. Before any tour we will call and ensure any lifts are in fully working order before commencing tour.

LTL will always meet a group or start a tour at a safe location and one where it is very easy for the group Leader or visitor to identify the tour guide and the group or visitor will have been given an emergency contact number should they not be able to locate the Guide.

Organisation of tour

Our Tour Guide will arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before the agreed time.

Should you be running late to meet the guide you should contact them first using the tour guide number shown on your itinerary or using the emergency number of 07539822258

Many of my walking tours involves short sections of walking outdoors on Level Ground and occasionally depending on the tour some hilly parts and therefore suitable footwear and outdoor clothing is recommended.

As above during the summer the walking tours mean extended periods in the sun so therefore its is your own responsibility to protect yourself from UV rays and that you have sufficient drinks and water during the tour.

When visiting religious or other buildings our tour guides will brief you before you enter in relation to special dress requirements and rules in relation to permission to take photographs. The tour guides will pre-check on any events taking place in either buildings and will pre-warn group.

No parts of the itinerary will be confirmed without your permission and where the whole group is able to access those places.

Livertours Liverpool will be covered under Public Liability Insurance

The tour guide will never smoke or drink alcohol in front of the clients

During a tour

The tour guide will give a safety talk at the start of every walk or coach tour including use of seat belts. General information given about crossing roads etc.

The tour guide will explain the location of the toilets and other facilities at all the locations visited during the day.

All guides are local and will help visitors with other locations shops and chemists or other enquires they might need to buy during their time with us.

Only restaurants that are suitable and fully accessible will be included in the tour. This also includes safe entrance and drop off points in terms of coach parking

Livertours Liverpool prefers to promote local business so many are included in itineraries created for guests. This includes locally sourced products etc.

During any tour the tour guide will point out any souvenir shop which is suitable and accessible for the group. At no time does the tour guide take a payment or incentive from the shop owner and any purchases are at the guest’s discretion.

Future plans

Livertours Liverpool will continue to support all local attractions which are fully accessible by all those who offer free bathroom and toilet facilities to visitors.

During 2018 Livertours Liverpool will be taking part in a British sign language course. From here to develop core skills in sign language eventually undertake and conduct tours.

Contact information

Address: 10 Granary Way Liverpool L3 4DY

Telephone: 07891108160 / 07539 822258