One of the perks about being a guide in this fab city is noticing the vast amounts of film crews spending time in and around the city and the region for many of the biggest productions. Liverpool has become the second most filmed city in the UK and has be transformed into many different international landscapes including New York, Chicago, Paris, Rome & Moscow and many of the biggest names have been spotted in Liverpool.

The walking tour takes around 2 hours and takes in some of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings used and in some of the biggest franchises of the modern day. I will also include some of the biggest TV productions filmed.

The Hunt for Red October

Jack Ryan

Fast & Furious 6

Sherlock Holmes

Captain America – The Avenger

The 51st State

Fantastic Beasts

Florence Foster Jenkins

Alfie 1 & 2

Foyles War (TV)

Peaky Blinders (TV)