While the Fab Four enjoyed drinks with royalty and superstars from around the world during the height of their fame, the young Beatles experienced much humbler settings in their early days. The lads from Liverpool performed in many small venues in and around their hometown, but the venues they performed in were often not the places where the lads enjoyed their drinks. The group drank in many pubs and, as you could imagine, separating the folklore from the fact is often half the battle when arriving in Liverpool.


With a focus on facts and fun, you can enjoy a tour with the most qualified Beatles tour guide in the United Kingdom, boasting a Beatles (society and popular music) Masters Degree, a Green Badge Tour Guide certification and a qualified Liverpool Beatles Tour Guide certification, Charlotte Martin. Accompanying her is a young man who has been shortlisted personally and professionally for 4 awards in 2018 so far, including Liverpool City region Star of the year and was one of the brains behind the most reviewed Beatles tour in Liverpool in 2017, Dale Roberts.


The tour will take you to 5 pubs on route, primarily focusing on where John, Paul, George, Stuart, Pete and Ringo will have have enjoyed drinks and shared moments of popular music history in, that would ultimately define pop culture. What we also give you is an understanding of Liverpool City Centre and its nightlife, additional music history from other artists from the Mersey Beat era and beyond (including artists you would never have guessed had significant Liverpool connections) but most of all - We will give you a good night out in what many consider one of the worlds greatest nightlife destinations.

With or without drinks, long or short, this tour can be tailor made to you and your groups liking when you book as a party. Please contact us to find out more!